If you would like to arrange a workshop for your institution or organisation, or have any questions relating to our workshops, please email us at info@ashcan.com.au




If students desire a career in the comic industry these workshops will be a great start!

Ashcan educational packages are designed to reach out to students and provide them with drawing and writing skills. In addition, students will have the chance to submit their work into Ashcan and see it published and distributed both digitally and in stores. 


Ashcan workshops are designed to cultivate and nurture the writing and drawing skills of students who attend by immersing them in comic book culture.


We can provide workshops that will span a series of lessons involving writing and drawing over days, weeks or months.  Individuals who leave these workshops will take away skills they can employ across many mediums beyond comics if they desire.


Lectures and micro-workshops

Ashcan also offers one-off lessons and is very flexible when catering for the needs of the institutions and organisation it is involved with.  Want your students to take away work they can do following a lesson?  We can provide additional material.  Looking for something more laid-back?  We can administrate a skill-building session where we guide students through work they bring with them or create on the day.