Ashcan is a collaborative project designed to bring together comic artists and writers, giving them the opportunity to have their work published for free in a print medium.

Our hope is that giving people the chance to work with and alongside their peers will not only increase their experience and enthusiasm about comics, but also strengthen the sense of community for independent Australian comic creators in Brisbane, Australia and beyond.

Each issue is a collaboration between comic writers and artists which contribute their skills to Ashcan in the form of a 1 to 8 page script by a writer which will then be illustrated by an artist we pair them with. We compile this work together and print their work as a way to expose their art to a wide audience.

It is a great for contributors to experience working on a printed comic without having to deal with costs and to polish their skills.  Some of the more established artists and writers use Ashcan as a way to be more involved with the Brisbane comic scene and for exposure.

Each issue of Ashcan culminates in a launch party where the contributors to that issue can get together to celebrate and see the final product of their work.  The general public are always invited and encouraged to come along to check out the comic and meet other like-minded people.

The Ashcan Team is incredibly enthusiastic about participating in the Brisbane comic scene which has proved to be a rich and engaging experience.  Having the privilege to help expose these comic creators to a greater audience is something The Team is passionate about.